Guest Artist Workshop w/ John Cheer


June 6th & 7th

$200 *plus clay  SOLD OUT

Day 1: Discover What is Possible With Clay in a Hand-Building Workshop 10-6pm

Day 2: Centering Clay Can Be Fun in a Wheel-Throwing Workshop 10-6pm

If you own tools please bring them.

All pieces will be bisque-fired only.


See Johns’ work on his website

June 6th & 7th 10am – 6pm $200*plus clay SOLD OUT

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Summer Class Schedule

Pick a day to be inspired by Clay!

Summer Pottery Classescheck out our Summer Class Schedule and contact Jennifer Miller at 267-218-0290 or email her at

Manabigama Kiln Firings


Firing The Manabigama at Tyler Park Center for the Arts

June 19th – 21st $125 per person. Pay Online @ TPCA 

Fully mentored group workshops are available in our Manabigama Wood Fired Kiln. This is a great option for guilds and groups of potters who want to be fully involved in the process of firing their work.

The Firing Workshop encompasses three days. Depending on the density of the stack, one or more days will be allotted for cooling of the kiln. ***All glazing must be completed before arriving for Day 1 of The Firing Workshop. ***

A Glazing Workshop can be scheduled before each firing.

General Kiln info:
Our Manabigama has approximately 30 cubic feet of stacking space.
Depending on size of the ware, an estimated 100-300 average sized pieces can be loaded into the kiln. The ware chamber accommodates four stacks of 4-5 shelves.
Each shelf is 24″ x 12″ with the height being determined as we load.

Fired Results, description of each of the 4 stacks.

Front Stack. Fires to cone 12+. The ware in the front of the kiln receives heavy ash and requires no glaze. This is a great place for sculptural forms, bottles, and covered jars. Glazed ware will not be loaded in the front of the kiln. (Slipware is ok).

Middle 2 Stacks. Fires to cone 10-11. A medium amount of ash accumulates in the middle of the kiln with areas for beautiful flashing. Pieces with interior glaze can be loaded here.

Rear Stack. Fires to cone 9-10.
The rear stack is quieter with nice flashing and is the best place for glazeware.

Workshop Timeline.
Day 1 Loading the Kiln: This takes about 8 hours to accomplish, so be prepared to stay all day. We will be working in shifts, but it is recommended that participants be present throughout the day.

Participants arrive with their bisqued and glazed ware. *No Greenware will be loaded! No glazing during loading! All ware will be unpacked and layer out onto 4 tables, each table represents one kiln stack. At this time we will be determining stack placement.

Each member of the group will be guided through the processes of wadding their work, loading the kiln, and bricking up the door.

Day 2 Fire Kiln. * 16-24 hours: Depending on density of ware and stack, the firing will last for 16-24 hours. Preheat will start between Midnight and 3 am. Serious stoking begins at 6am. We will be working in 2 hour shifts, each shift will need 3 participants. Sign up will happen in advance and be confirmed on Day 1.

Day 3 Unloading: Unloading and clean up will take Most of the day. Please be prepared to stay till the end. All participants will work to clean and rewash the Kiln and Shelves. We will unload the kiln by stack and place ware on 4 tables to display and learn from. You may also spend time looking at pots and having an informal critique.

home school classes

Create in Clay!

Build your child’s creativity in clay!

Wednesdays from 1-3pm

$108 for 4 weeks

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We welcome any home school students who wish to take the classes.

Friends Night Out


Come Enjoy!

Bring friends &

make New ones!

A Clay Project with your own
Creative Twist!
every 3rd Friday of the Month 7.30-10pm


Stay connected through Facebook to find out what the monthly project will be. 

friends VBC


Please pay online or contact Jennifer 267-218-0290 or

2-Day Paper Clay with Jerry Bennett


Explore Paper Clay!

A Great workshop for beginners or those with experience!

Upcoming Date to be Announced

Sign up for both days or Sunday only !
$180 / $90 •  All levels, adults

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Summer Camps in Clay!

clay hands

June 29  - August 21
Morning, Afternoon and all day options for aspiring young artists ages 5 through teen


 Pottery Summer Camp Days ~

Go to Tyler Park Center for the Arts websitefor morning and afternoon camp sessions

call 267.218.0290 or email for details

1-Day Workshop ~ Bending the Rules & Expanding Your Options

Tom Laudenslager

Bending the Rules and Expanding Your Options

Sunday, December 2nd • 10AM-5PM $125

Tom Laudenslager has been a working artist and teacher for almost 35 years, focusing primarily on clay for the last 20 years. His approach to material & process respects tradition but borrows freely from other art media. In this one day workshop, Tom will demonstrate a variety of hand building techniques he uses to create functional & sculptural works in clay. These building methods can be used to create work that is either spontaneous in approach, or precise & contemplative.

Participants will have the opportunity to begin construction, and in some cases complete a piece during the workshop.

Techniques will include the use of repposse-like forming, texturizing, carving, and strategies for delicate hollow cutting. Finishing approaches will include engobes (colored slips), post-firing pigment, stain, wax based patina and the selective use of abrasives. Strategies for successful firing of delicate work will also be discussed.

Tom received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and has done extensive course work at other institutions, including Tyler School of Art, University of the Arts, Art New England, and Moravian College. He lives in a relatively quiet spot in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife of 25 years.

Kiln Building with Gloria Kosco


Manabigama wood fired kiln has been built at Tyler Park Center for the Arts. click here to stay tuned for info on the first firing!




The workshop will be made up of 10-15 participants who will assist in the laying of the bricks.  Two to four participants will be working at a time and will receive specific kiln building instruction.

The hours of this workshop will vary, with weekend time slots as well as weekday times available.  Students will sign up for determined times.

The kiln is outside so weather and daylight will determine work times.  Students will learn about kiln construction from start to finish including shelf preparation, loading and firing.  Once the kiln is built, an inaugural firing will be scheduled with the workshop participants.  The kiln will fire for 16 hours and will need to be tended to and stoked for that duration.

For information & registration

contact 215-297-5980 or

Flat to Functional: 1-Day Handbuilding Pottery Workshop


with Lisa Naples

September 23rd, 2012

10:00am-4:30pm $125





Come one, come all. This course is for all levels of experience including “none”. During this workshop Lisa plans to saturate your brain with hands-on slab building technique. She’ll cover notions of texture and “dry” as well as “wet” slip application using colored slips. Of course, there will be a lot of talk about form, too, ‘cause it all starts there. Lisa hopes to stimulate the most creative bones in your body and really get you revved up to go back to your own studio inspired.

See more of Lisa’s work



Morning: Demo: begin w/rolling slabs—a basic ‘how to’ that includes a discussion of tools. Demo: adding texture to slabs and constructing simple cylindrical forms Demo of a pinched tray/plate Demo of more complex pots and further discussion of dart cutting concepts for articulating form.

Lunch around 12:30-1:00

Afternoon: Hands on for participants Discussion of surface treatment: Dry and Wet slip application Demo: constructing and adding slab-built handles to pots.